9 thoughts on “Supper Sunday

  1. Great comic. Can’t believe this gets as little traffic as it does.

    Neat note, Chile is pretty similar to argentina in this regards: I too have almuerzo de domingo with my mum practically every week. And I suspect it’s a common thing to happen in most of latin america.

  2. Good afternoon Sarah,

    Wonderful work.

    The family I married into here in Cleveland, Ohio, has a similar tradition. Every Friday evening we gather at the home of the Matriarch for coffee and pastries. While the group is not as large as yours, usually 10 to 12 people, we do expand to nearly 20 when out-of-towners are visiting.

    Do all you can to make today a better day,

    Jeff Hess
    Have Coffee Will Write

  3. Really loved this story! I’am a “porteña” and I see we are pretty like this cartoon. I think that our Italian roots have a lot to do with our living and familiar usage.
    It looks that my son is going to emigrate shortly, and it will be a really shock for our family!!! 🙁

  4. Heart warming! And so well done!
    So easy to relate with for us in India – we too have similar sub-cultures, and the same experiences of encounters between the two.

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