Buenos Aires

A few weeks ago I threatened to do some actual blogging about being here in Buenos Aires. I suppose I should actually follow through with it now, so here goes…

I’m here because I met Argentinian cartoonist Fran López when we were both invited to be guests at the Entreviñetas comics festival in Colombia. I was just finishing up a year long residency at the Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême and had been ready to go settle back down in North America where I speak the language fluently, but oh well! Sometimes you just end up in Argentina and thats pretty cool too.

Fran came up to the US and Canada on a three month tourist visa last summer (that’s North American summer) and now we’re back in Buenos Aires and will be spending a little over a year living here. During that time, I’ll be working on Rolling Blackouts and getting to know this gigantic, chaotic, frustrating, amazing city. 

Erin Polgreen from Symbolia Magazine invited the two of us to make a comic about our experiences in each others countries for their autobiography edition of the magazine. If you’re a subscriber (which is pretty affordable by the way) you probably already have that issue, which also includes work by my buddy Julia Wertz as well as Peter Kuper, Brendan Spiegel and Roxanne Palmer. But if not, you can now read both Fran and my pieces here on Medium’s non-fiction comics section, the Nib. Consider my comic there the introduction to this Buenos Aires travel blog, which will probably be a mix of photos, writing, and comics.

Click HERE to read the whole comic at the Nib.

click the image to read the whole comic over at the Nib!
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