14 thoughts on “Why The French Elections Are Better Than Yours

  1. I landed here by following a link that Boulet twitted today 🙂
    I like what I can see and read here ! (sorry for my poor english skills, I’d like not to make it sound less like a kid saying “Me like it” :’| )

    You seem to have a problem with your avatar in another post… If it can be of any kind of help : it seems to be a gravatar hosted image. Go to the gravatar.com website if you want to get rid of this evil pizza cat ! :o)

    1. yes I know…this is part of the joke that may not translate very well. I could try to explain it but it would just kill it!

  2. Since I’m new to Facebook, I have a lot to catch up..But I’m very happy to have connected to you again, Sarah Glidden. I always haver enjoyed seeing your wonderful drawings and your “analysis”,,,More, more please!
    eunice nathan

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