Version Française

A comics essay I wrote while living in Angoulême as an artist in residence at the Maison des Auteurs. The MdA is part of the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image, and it welcomes cartoonists and animators from France and abroad to come to Angoulême and have a place to focus on their projects in a nice, well-equipped studio building.



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6 thoughts on “Version Française

  1. I didn’t know someone had posted “Le grand detournement” somewhere on the net! I have heard so much good about it but it’s the first time I get to watch it! Sooo funny – yes, you’d better be native French to catch the jokes… BTW, good effort for your essay 🙂 Brilliant as usual… I don’t know if you are trying to escape the city or yourself. Maybe both. When you grow in a city, town or village, that place becomes a part of you eventually. The most important thing is to have the opportunity to move and visit new places, cultures, etc. Besides, I believe moving from NY to a place like Angouleme is a bold move but it’s not like moving in the middle of nowhere. You know, it’s one of the few places to be when you are a comic artist. The real bold move was for you to quit that “real job” (what was it??) for living doing something you love, for less comfort. I respect that a lot. I wish I had done something like that… Anyways, keep on doing a great job. Like some French people would say: La classe americaine Sarah!!

    1. Si quelqu’un veut le traduire, oui! Car je ne suis pas prête écrire comme ça en Français (évidemment).

  2. Amazing, I really look forward to reading this. I was on holiday in Charentes last week and ended the trip in Angouleme – a great city. You’re very lucky to be there.

  3. I can translate it if you still haven’t found someone.
    Would you be interested in meeting local students? (some are into art, some I might convince to read _How to understand Israel in 60 days or less_ + your pictorial essay about the elections… or/and some teens whom I will definitively never convince to read much of anything but who might be thrilled to meet you nevertheless, although I can’t even promise that because they’re at that jaded age… armpfff)
    Anyway if you’re still around, there are teenagers who’d learn a lot by meeting you if you’ve got time and if you’re used to kids. :p
    Also, it’s likely the local political parties will organize a giant “Watch The Debate” party on May 2 which might be interesting for you to watch and compare to similar occasions in the US.

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