8 thoughts on “My First Mate

  1. I kind of feel just the same, Im right now in Rio de Janeiro, and yesterday I was talking to some Italian guys and lets just say a lot got lost in translation.

  2. I understand so much. I felt this way every day for five years in Japan. I like how you represent the parts you don’t understand in the balloons.

  3. I hope you read it. 😀 Your works are amazing Sarah! I love when you talk about Argentina (my country) and your experiences haha, thats the thrut. Specially about your experiences in Argentina, because, i don’t know, it makes me feel confortable in any strange way, it makes me feel like i’m home in another perspective. I hope you make more comics like this haha. A tip? People in argentina is reading your comics. A web called “Taringa.net” is full of people. They made a top post about a comic of you. Maybe if you make an account you could win more followers. Well, sorry for my english, i know i’m talking like a caveman, haha good luck! 😀

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