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Hello, website visitor! It’s been a while since I updated things around here and for that I’m sorry. I have been pregnant and its taken up a lot of my energy and mental space. But I AM making comics about all of this, a bit of a return to journal comics, which was really how I started making comics in the first place. I’m putting all of them (about three per week) on a Patreon page.


Comics like this one:


Or this one:


It was a bit of a struggle for us to get pregnant and during the time when it just wasn’t happening for us, I was drawing sketchy notebook comics as a way to get emotions and thoughts out of my head and onto paper. They weren’t intended for outside eyes, but I feel comfortable sharing them on Patreon because its kind of an “opt-in” blog, making it a more intimate space for sharing work like this:


You can subscribe to the comics and get access to all of them (including the archives) for $1 a month. There are other tiers too if you want original art sent to you in the mail and such. All proceeds will go to paying to have our kid delivered safely because we live in a barbaric country where healthcare is ridiculously expensive even if you have insurance.

Check it out and subscribe if you’d like!


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2 thoughts on “I have a Patreon page

  1. I just finished Rolling Blackouts and am reading How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less. Wow!!!
    I am active in the Palestine/Israeli conflict. Do I dare admit I was not that aware of many Iraqi refugees?

    Thank-you for these books. I do lead a book discussion group, reading about Palestine/Israel.
    Darlene Hand, Northfield, MN.
    Have you had your baby??

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