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Some links to some great short works of graphic non-fiction that are available to read online in full.

This is of course not a complete list! For more, check out this amazing index put together by Lukas Plank:

Traditional Reporting:

The journey of Syrian refugees by boat and land to Europe, reported by Alia Malek, illustrated by Josh Neufeld:

Syria’s climate conflict, written by Audry Quinn, drawn by Jackie Roche:

Andy Warner on legal weed:

Susie Cagle on homelessness solutions:

Susie Cagle on environmental changes and the Salton Sea:

Kazimir Lee Iskander on transgender women in Malaysia:

Gary Rivlin and Jackie Roche on a man’s effort to rebuild his life after hurricane Katrina:

Lauren Weinstein on caregivers of Alzheimers patients:

Darryl Holliday and Jamie Hibdon on homelessness in Chicago:

Me (Sarah Glidden) on Iraqi refugees in pre-war Syria:

Experiential/on the scene:

Sam Wallman on European detention centers:

Kate Evans on Calais migrant camp:

Wendy MacNaughton on the San Francisco Public Library:

And on the San Francisco Farmer’s Market:

Sophie Yanow interviews New Hampshire primary voters:

Ron Wimberly on New Orleans ten years after the flood:

Chevelin Pierre and Pharès Jerome on post-earthquake Haiti:

Lisa Hanawalt at the New York Toy Fair:

Me (Sarah Glidden) on Occupy Miami:


Lauren Weinstein on being the potential carrier of a genetic disorder:

Ron Wimberly on race in comics:

Adam Bessie and Josh Neufeld on Adam living with a brain tumor:

Rebecca Roher on the changes in the body during and after pregnancy:

Eroyn Franklin on struggling with the scandal of Bikram yoga:


Darryl Holliday and E.N. Rodriguez on the mother of a shooting victim in Chicago:

Darryl Holliday on a paralyzed survivor of a shooting:

Benjamin Dix on Somalian refugees resettled in Europe:

Lisa Hanawalt on Wylie Dufresne:

History and Current Events Explained:

Andy Warner on Syria:

Andy Warner on the invention of the Slinky:

Andy Warner on 100 years of conflict in Iraq:

Julia Wertz on the history of street cleaning in New York City:

Julia Wertz on the World’s Fair:

Alec Longstreth on the history of the Dvorak typing method:


Wendy MacNaughton and Amy Standen on winemaking (includes atmospheric audio):

Dan Archer on the Nisoor Square Blackwater shootings:

Augusto Paim, Bruno Ortiz and Mauricio Piccini on the life of a homeless man in Brazil:

Various artists and writers on a “choose your own adventure” journey of a Syrian refugee:

Not comics journalism but relevant: Natt Hynh adapts Nam Le’s “The Boat” as an interactive comic: 

An interesting use of Instagram for displaying comics journalism from Wendy Macnaughton

Comics Journalism Specific Websites/Magazines:

Drawing the Times:

Comics Journalism Facebook Group:

Symbolia (now defunct)

The Nib (now moving to First Look)

Cartoon Movement:

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  1. Just saying: I have edited/produced a DOZEN nonfiction comic art books since 2005, beginning with WOBBLIES!, also the Zinn adaptation that has sold 75,000, biographies of Che, Isadora Duncan, Emma Goldman and most recently, Rosa Luxemburg. Not to mention an adaptation of Studs Terkel. Not to mention SDS and THE BEATS and BOHEMIANS and YIDDISHKEIT. What must I do to reach your list, I wonder. No harm done, of course.

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