Climate Change Comics

In October, I gave myself a challenge to make a comic or drawing about climate change every day of the month. It turned out to be more like every few days, but I count research days as part of the work, part of drawing. They were originally posted on my Instagram account, which is why most of these comics are ten panels long, but I’ve reformatted them here to be a bit easier to read. You can also download a PDF of these comics for free (or for any price you choose) here if you’d like. Please feel free to share!

In a way, these comics are a preview for the book project I am beginning work on now. It won’t be the same, but it will include many of these themes and probably feature little Diego quite a bit. What would you want to see addressed in a comic book about climate change? Feel free to add a comment below or drop me an email at sarahgliddencomics at gmail dot com.


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