A Drawing Exercise


I live in such a graphogenic (thats a word, right?) neighborhood. There’s no excuse for not drawing outside from life! But I have such a resistance to it before I get out there and actually start drawing. And then, once you’re out there, what do you pick to draw? There are infinite possibilities and its easy to just keep walking until you find some mythical “perfect” spot. So today I came up with this sort of musical chairs for observational drawing: set a timer for two minutes, walk, and then when the timer goes off stop in your tracks and draw something from that spot. Moving a little to get into some shade is ok. It really helped me to stop being so precious about my subjects. I tried to draw quickly, keep it loose, but maybe I should add a time restriction to drawing as well.

I’m trying to work on making exercises for myself for all sorts of drawing issues. The muscle I’d most like to develop is memory. The one I keep trying is to observe a person walking by, then once theyre gone draw them. But its HARD.

If you have any little exercises for improving drawing from memory (or anything really) I’d love to hear them!

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