For the longest time, visiting an art supply store or a stationary shop was always a dangerous game for me. I would often just tell myself I was going to take a peek and then I would be hypnotized by all the sketchbooks and pens and would end up spending hours testing pens and paper (and often buying too many of these things.) There’s something about these kinds of stores; so much potential. It’s hypnotizing to think of all the great things you could draw if only you had the perfect pen…

Well, the search is over. I found the perfect pen. Let me rhapsodize about the Carbon Desk Fountain Pen. I will need no other pen now. Its waterproof, has a fine line, the ink flows perfectly, and it only explodes and gets ink all over my fingers every once in a while.

Highly reccommended:

I pair this with one of those refillable brush pens which I fill with a really watered down inkwash:

Now these are what I use when I go out sketching. Of course, it takes more than the perfect pen to make the Perfect Drawing. But at least its a start?

Just thought I’d share the news that the Carbon Desk Fountain Pen is the king of pens.