Rolling Blackouts Out Today

Rolling Blackouts is out in stores today! It’s been a very long time since I started work on this book, so I’m so glad the time has come for me to be able to actually share it with readers. It will now be available at most local bookstores, but if you want to order it online you can do so as well (on sites like Amazon, Indiebound or Powell’s).


For those of you who want to follow along with the journalism talked about or produced in Rolling Blackouts, be sure to check out Beyond Rolling Blackouts for a complete list of all the articles, photo-essays and documentaries produced by the journalists from the Seattle Globalist. And also check out their feature length documentary, BARZAN, about Sam Malkandi’s story covered in chapter five of the book.

The making of BARZAN

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out on tour for Rolling Blackouts, starting with a hometown launch event Wednesday, October 5th at Elliot Bay Book Company, where I’ll be in conversation with Paul Constant. After that I’ll be swinging through San Francisco, Stanford, Iowa City, Toronto, Boston, Vancouver, Portland and Miami…check in on my events page for details. Maybe I’ll see you there!




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