Rolling Blackouts now available for pre-order and other updates

A few weeks ago I finally finished work on Rolling Blackouts. It took me five years to report, write, draw and paint those 300 pages of comics, and I while I’m happy to be finished with it, its also been a little sad to let go of it. It was a struggle at times to work on this book (towards the end of it, the subject matter was so heavy that I could only handle watching the Gilmore Girls and reality TV in my downtime) but I also really enjoyed the challenges that came with it. I’m proud of what resulted and I’m really excited that it will be out in the world to share with you in a few months. Rolling Blackouts will be out in stores on October 4th, 2016, and you can also pre-order it now so it’ll come to straight to your door.06_Rolling Blackouts

A few weeks before the official release date, there will be copies available at the Drawn and Quarterly booth at SPX in Maryland (I’ll be there September 16th) as well at the Brooklyn Book Festival (where I’ll be on September 17th).


I’ve made some prints which are now available for sale in my website’s shop. One is a print made from the back cover art for Rolling Blackouts, a balcony scene at night in Damascus. I really enjoyed painting these nighttime cityscapes, so I’ve done a series of additional watercolors based on this and other scenes in the book. Each print is 8 by 10 inches and costs $20 plus shipping. I’m also selling original drawings and paintings in the shop.


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