Rolling Blackouts Excerpt

There’s a lot about refugees in the news right now, and with it a lot of misunderstanding about what refugees go through before they get to the US or any other country.

This is an excerpt from Rolling Blackouts in which I accompany Sarah Stuteville and Alex Stonehill of the Seattle Globalist to the UNHCR field office in Van, Turkey (near the border with Iran) to interview Thomas Faustini about the refugee verification, registration and resettlement process.

Obviously these few pages are not a complete breakdown of the entire process (there’s more elsewhere in the book) but I thought maybe they could help clarify at least a few things. Share as you wish.

ROLLINGinterior_52 ROLLINGinterior_53 ROLLINGinterior_54 ROLLINGinterior_55 ROLLINGinterior_56

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