Back in Israel

I’m back for the first time since doing the trip four years ago…this time for a conference and then for some reporting out of the West Bank. Here’s a little quick comic about getting through passport control which I was a bit nervous about..



  1. Cathy G. Johnson:

    Jun 16, 2011


    Hahahahahaha! This is so good. I love the final panel! Thanks for sharing.

  2. pëll:

    Jul 22, 2011


    This is brilliant. (I just sat three hours in the my favorite bookshop here and read understanding israel. In German though. Unfortunately I didn't have any money with me, but I'd rather buy it in English now. Well now the content in the parentheses is way longer than that important compliment.)

  3. BeN TeK:

    Jan 18, 2012


    I recently finished reading “how to understand Israel…”: excellent content, inspiring, loved it. I am a bit familiar with the country and its people, have kind of similar background, used to have biased opinion on the “situation” some time ago… but never pushed the thinking and the experience that far.

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