A Very Slow Watercolor Demo

Recently I’ve been experimenting with making little hyperlapse videos of my watercoloring process. They look like this:

But I thought it might also be helpful to share a more slowed down version of what goes into painting a panel. The sound and video quality on these are not the best because this was a demo that I did as part of the Minneapolis Indie Xpo back in November of 2011, and it was meant to be seen live. But if you’re interested, here are the three videos (they chopped up the presentation into bite-sized pieces) from the event. This is just my way of working, and I don’t think it’s the only way to work with watercolors in comics or even the best way, but its the way that works for me.

I’m always tweaking my process a little (these days I ink first and then watercolor while in this video I am watercoloring over pencils to ink on top of later) and there’s always something new to learn from other artists. Like Eleanor Davis in this demo she did at Syracuse University. I would love to hang out in her studio for a day and watch her work. Her watercolor work is some of my favorite out there:

If you have any other process videos you think are worth sharing, post a link in the comments!

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